Fathers Day Fry Up

Breakfast ideas / Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Obviously not just a Fathers day fry up it’s an any day fry up.

But, when the husband started bleating on this week about all the things he would like for breakfast on Fathers Day I think he was actually running off a list of all the foods that lead to a heart attack. And as I’m not a firstaider, thought it would probably be a good idea to find an alternative 🤔


Simple swaps make for a good meal. I hear often that we don’t time to cook a healthy meal, so its easier to re-heat a tin of baked beans.

These baked beans are simply

1/2 red onion fried in fry light

Add a clove of crushed garlic

1/2 a crumbled chicken stock cube

Tin of cannellini beans


Salt, pepper and a pinch of paprika to season.

And simmer.

Far less sugar and salt than the standard tin of baked beans 😊


Served with scrambled egg, spinach, mushrooms ,lean bacon (medallions) and an oven baked Hashbrown 😉

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