Asian-Style turkey meatballs

Meal Planning / Sunday, March 11th, 2018

I’m at that stage where I’m bored of cooking dinners again. So I’ve started trawling through cookbooks, Pinterest and Instagram trying to find inspiration.


As a family of four it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone at meal times. My 9 year old son will try anything except vegetables, my 11 year old daughter will eat any fruit and vegetables as long as there isn’t any kind of sauce/flavour within a mile of it.


After working all day I refuse to cook seperate meals, so there has to be some kind of compromise.


I gave this recipe a go from the weightwatchers flex cookbook and everyone ate it!

Ok, daughter had the turkey balls plain and son picked as much veg out as he possibly could whilst pulling various disgusted faces. But, I still count as a success. Especially as it took around 15 minutes to cook. Around the same amount of time it took for my husband to tidy the kitchen afterwards 😉

The cookbook is available to buy from

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