Spinach and Ricotta canneloni

Meal Planning / Monday, March 12th, 2018

Apologies on the picture, it really doesn’t do this dish justice. However, it is so quick and simple to do. Takes around 30 minutes start – finish. Ideal for the nights you haven’t got time or cant be bothered!



Fresh Lasagne Sheets

Ricotta cheese

Frozen Spinach

1 clove of Garlic


Low fat cheddar cheese



Soak lasagne sheets in boiling water until tender.

Meanwhile either using a microwave (which I do) or in a pan on the hob, cook spinach. Adding a bit of crushed garlic towards the end.

Stir in ricotta cheese.

Drain lasagne sheets. Place a blob of the spianch and ricotta on the end of a sheet and roll.

Pour over pasatta, sprinkle with cheese and place in pre-heated oven until cheese is golden.

Finally, enjoy!



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