Sticky Sausages

Meal Planning / Monday, February 26th, 2018

A simple way to jazz up a sausage dinner and secretly get an extra potion of fruit into the children without too much complaining.

I’m not one for low fat Sausages. I would much rather enjoy one full fat than a couple of skinny ones.*

*No giggling allowed



Sausages (anything you have. Low fat, full fat, chicken, vegetarian.)

3 x apples

1 x red onion

Sprig or two of rosemary¬† (or dried if thats what’s in the cupboard)


Frylight (low fat cooking oil spray)

Vegetables to serve



Cook sausages as per cooking guidelines

Cube potatoes, place in roasting pan, spray with frylight, chuck the rosemary in and roast in oven while sausges are cooking  (approx 25 mins)


Core apples and slice into approx 1cm strips

Slice red onions into 1cm strips

Spray pan with frylight and cook on a medium heat on the hob for around 20 mins. Stirring occasionally.

Add to sausages when cooked and serve. If you fancy, shake a bit of Worcester sauce on.

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