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Mum Life, My Journey, Weight Loss Journey / Tuesday, May 1st, 2018


So, I wanna talk body image. Or more importantly, what I’m trying to teach my daughter about body image. And my son, I’m not leaving the little man out here as I’m sure his time will come where he’ll want to start lifting weights or something.

Anyway, She’s 12, so in my opinion a vunerable age. Having started secondary school and becoming more aware of the world, she’s impressionable. I know she watches YouTube channels of girls doing their make up and what they are wearing. I see her snapchats with her poses. Did I do any of this when I was her age? Dunno, you’d have to ask my mum.

Very recently I put out a post about my not so perfect body. I say not so perfect, but whose to say what perfect is. The post went out to 1000s of people with an overwhelming response. It was uplifting to hear how me posting my wobbly stretch marked belly gave others the confidence to get their bikinis on and feel better about themselves. I’d repost it everyday if each time it made a few people feel better about themselves. The amount of people that commented saying it was nice to see a ‘normal’ body. Bloody normal, we are not normal, we are beautiful. Every single one of us have been blessed with these amazing shells that hold our feelings, our thoughts and our dreams.

We are all swamped on social media with images of beach bodies which in turn makes us feel insecure about ourselves. Is that what I want to teach my daughter, to be insecure and lack confidence?

No, obviously not. I want her to feel beautiful, not in a big headed way, but feel confident in herself.

I began to realise the effect we have on her as parents and this will ultimately be carried with her all her life. I don’t want her to think I was constantly on a diet, seeking a ‘perfect’ body. I don’t want her to think that because I have stretch marks I think of myself as less normal. I don’t want her to look at these so called beach bodies and think that that is something to aspire to. I want her to be happy and healthy. To enjoy life without seeking to be somebody else.

Her favourite film at the moment, along with the rest of the world is The Greatest Showman. Ok, I admit I’ve not seen it. But she has the soundtrack playing as loud as alexa will allow every waking hour. I listen to the words and think they are so important for a young girl to hear. Don’t be ashamed of who you are love yourself. Love everything about you. It makes you a far happier person, more confident.

Confidence and happiness go hand in hand. Show yourself a bit of love ❤


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