Cakes and crowns

Mum Life, My Journey / Sunday, March 11th, 2018


How is it possible that one day I’m running around like a headless chicken. School runs, work, after school clubs, washing, housework. All very mundane. Then the alarm is set for Saturday morning, off to London to film with a celebrity chef about baking cakes! Its just surreal.

So, last week I’m a stroppy moody mess. I’ve got a broken tooth and a big fat dentist bill looming.

I get an email asking if anyone is up for filming with a Great British Bake off chef for a weightwatchers promo. I have always insisted I would never be filmed. I hate the sound of my common voice, so pretty sure nobody else wants to hear it! But its bake off. I love bake off. When bake off was on t.v. it was the perfect excuse to go out and buy a nice big cream cake. Obviously, you couldnt watch a baking programme without stuffing your face with a cream donut. Well, once upon a time I couldn’t anyway.

So i jumped at the chance. It was all arranged with not much notice, which is good for me. The less time I have to stress about things the better.

Anyway, back to cakes. We are talking healthy cakes here. Using alternative ingredients such as chick peas, black beans and cannellini beans. This freaked me out a bit! But began to think if I can do carrot cake fingers crossed I won’t gag on some cake with unexpected ingredients whilst being filmed.

I met up with 4 other weightwatcher stunners for coffee before heading off to the studios. We had an absolute ball. We get there, we are briefed, and we just have such a laugh. We really jelled and it was so easy. Selasi (g.b.b.o chef) was great. Somehow we managed to do all we were supposed to do in one take. And….I didnt gag on the cake! It tasted delicious. May have stood on Selasis foot at the start of filming though. We went in for a welcome hug and I kind of stumbled!! I apologised afterwards obviously. It’s expected from me though! I may have also encouraged Tequila shots. But there wasn’t much encouragement needed.

Then that’s it.  Filming is done. We are all heading back to the tube absolutely buzzing. Then on home. Back to housework, kids and dentist appointments 😬


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  1. Love this .. what an amazing experience for you all 😍💕 .. looked loads of fun & when tequila is involved..well that’s always a bonus 😉😂
    The life of a Mum eh .. a Sparkley Diamond Mum that is 💎💎💎💋🙌
    Hope the dentist wasn’t too bad Vicky.. love reading your blog make me smile 😁😘

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