How to survive the Easter holidays…

Mum Life, My Journey / Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

Sorry if you are about to read this thinking I’m gonna give you tips on how to deal with your kids over the holidays. I’ve been trying to work out that for years and have resigned myself to the fact I just can’t. Though, on that note, if you can give me any tips let me know in the comments box!

Obviously, I’m talking about the fact that we are about to be surrounded in chocolate eggs. It dawned on me today that over the next 2 weeks we have not only easter, but daughters, husband and nephew’s birthday celebrations. As well as our family holiday. Initially I thought I’m looking at a 7lb gain at least. But realistically its just a few days. A few meals that aren’t going to be so healthy.

My old way of thinking was that I could only eat the easter eggs once and demolish in one sitting. Chocolate takes a while before it goes off, its not essential I eat it all in one go!

So, this is how I plan to deal with the next couple of weeks….

1. Understand that it’s just a few days. I will enjoy these days without the need to stuff my face until I feel sick.

2. Move more. Supposedly, spring is in the air! I’ll use the gaps in between the rain showers to get outside. Walk, take kids to the park, ride bikes. Anything, just to get out instead of stagnating on the sofa.

3. Look for alternatives. If I fancy chocolate, I’ll have some. But maybe choose dark chocolate or those mikado sticks. Snack size chocolate is great. It’s enough to beat a craving.

4. Most importantly enjoy myself. If over indulgence happens, don’t beat yourself up. But dont let one day roll onto another onto another. Draw a line and get straight back on it.


Happy Easter 🐣 Enjoy.x

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