Is healthy eating really expensive or just another excuse not to?

Meal Planning, Mum Life, Time Management / Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Believe me, I’ve used every excuse under the sun to try and justify a poor diet in the past. When we first had our kids I was pureeing butternut squash and carrots thinking I was wonder mum. As they got older and opinionated they decided they didn’t like the taste of these things. By that time I was working more hours, so probably didn’t persevere as much as I could/should have done.

Then came the convenience food. Time wise, it was so much easier to add a jar of something or pull something out of the freezer. Was it cost effective? No, I don’t think it was.

On my more organised days, I sit down, meal plan, write a shopping list and head off to buy food. We are all aware of inflation. Well, I’m pretty sure I have always spent around £100 on a food shop each week on our food shop. Before I got on this healthy eating bandwagon money was spent on pizzas, chips, jars of sauce, and chocolate.£100 for a for a well fed family of four, breakfast, packed lunches and dinners. I could probably get the cost down if I tried harder, I have no doubt. We are brand snobs unfortunately. I have tried to swap things like ketchup, mayo, peas, but we definitely notice a difference. I don’t mind paying that little bit more though, as I was just throwing the swaps away.

I have always bought our meat from the local butchers. More recently I’ve been using the likes of Aldi and Lidl for fruit and vegetables. This is because as my diet had become a healthier one, so has everybody else’s, we go through a lot more fruit. And I love this. I love that my children are eating a healthier diet again.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve really concentrated on how much each of our meals are costing. Trying hard not to top-up shop. I’m the worst for that, popping into Sainsbury’s for milk and leaving £40 poorer! It’s doable. When broken down money wise £25 a week to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner is perfectly acceptable in my eyes.


Over the next few weeks I promise to add recipes, meal plans and costs to show healthy eating really doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Everything I make is relatively simple as I’m now Nigella!

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