Just reassuring myself it’s ok….

Mum Life, My Journey / Sunday, May 13th, 2018

I’m laying in bed this morning telling nyself “I’ll get up and go for a run in a minute.  Yep, I’ll get up in a minute. 5 more minutes”

Then my husband gets up and says “shall I make the tea” I know I’m not going anywhere now.

I’m shattered. I started a new job this week that has been a bit taxing on my poor little brain!

So I’m now working near on full time, as well as trying to juggle the kids, house work, daughters dance rehearsals, sons football, weight watchers and ensure we still eat at some point. (Our kids are 12 and 9. I’ve just realised not everybody knows that. I forget people I don’t know read this!) I didn’t even get a chance to go shopping this week. I’ve literally winged it!

I do like to think I’m wonder woman, I can multi-task and handle life. But I’m  also beginning to learn when to give myself a break. Finding balance is important. If I miss one week of exercise, it’s not going to undo everything I’ve done over the past couple of years. I also know not to go crazy next week and try and make up for what I’ve missed, like I’ve done before. Balance is a word so often used and there’s a reason for that. You need it.

I do have a semi plan though. I’m gonna drag us all out for a walk somewhere today. The food shop is being delivered at some point this morning *check email-can’t remember the time*. Will do a bit of meal planning, prep some lunches and cereal bars and just enjoy sunday. Ready to start a fresh new week. Hopefully a calmer one 💖

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