Waiting, waiting, waiting…..

Mum Life, My Journey / Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

This is how today started….wave daughter off for the bus to school, like any other day and then it goes quiet. Too quiet. I don’t hear from her.
Now, this isn’t unusual, shes a pre-teen and doesnt seem to think.
If I dont hear from my husband all day, i think ‘ah well, he’s got life insurance’
But, I imagined all sorts this morning. I really had that whole cold fear thing going on. I call her best friends mum to see if she’s heard from them. Nope, she hasn’t either. So I’ve sent someone else into panic mode as well.
I drive my son to school, constantly checking to see if my daughter has registered at school yet.

This is an hour. An hour of my morning in a panicked frenzy. By the time I’ve been able to speak to the school and someone has gone to check if she’s there, I’m having a full on meltdown with my friend in the car.

Its fine, she’s there. She was at choir practice. 1. I didnt even know she was in the chior and
2. She cant even bloody sing!

All this before 9am

I head off to work, hoping for a calmer day. Pop into my weightwatchers meeting to get weighed. Lost 1lb, go me! Reflect on how bad my eating and lack of exercise has been this week and realise I just burn so many calories by running around like a loon all week.

Get in the car and check my phone. There’s an email from the weightwatchers press office. A local paper wants to run a feature on me for my weightloss and the launch of my new blog.
So, I’m standing at the checkout of a supermarket, emailing press offices and reporters. Then it dawns on me that I have to get blogging!

I started this blog to share my healthy eating tips and exercise tips. I’ve been off the running for a couple of weeks because of a ‘trauma’ to my toe.
Those where the words my doctor used, a trauma. I love it! Love the drama of my poor toe!

So, I apologise for lack of exercise inspiration.  But thought I’d catch you up on my life.

I’m basically waiting. Waiting for the launch of the weightwatchers bakes filming release. Waiting for an article to be released on my weightloss success and blog launch.
Waiting for my toe to get better. And waiting for my daughter to get home so I can ask her why I pay for a phone each month that she doesnt answer?!

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