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My Journey / Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

Sometimes it would be so much easier if we knew what was coming up in life, wouldn’t it?! I started this whole bloggy thing with the intention of showing it’s possible to achieve your goals, then my life went crazy 🤯 Crazier than it all ready was anyway.

This blog though, I’m gonna take you right back to the beginning. Try and keep up!


I joined Weightwatchers in Feb 2016. I started the year weighing just over 14 stone. I felt rubbish with constant heartburn, lethargic and low. Very low. Our family had been through a tough  few years. My Mum had somehow managed to contract Tuberculosis. After being mis-diagnosed with lung cancer to start with, we were then all told we weren’t allowed to be in contact until she had been on medication for a certain amount of time. Our kids had to stay away, we were all tested to see if we were carrying. It was all a bit stressful.

At around the same time I was made redundant from my job. It had been the only ‘real’ job I had had. I’d worked for the company for 13 years and loved what I had done and the people I worked with.

We carried on, Mum thankfully got better, I got a job to tide us over, then the big blow came. My Dad got ill. He was taken into hospital in March 2014 with liver failure. It’s so hard to watch a man that means the absolute world to you deteriorate so quickly. Sadly by May he was gone. If you’ve had this upset you’ll know you kind of go into limbo land. I used to think “it’s ok, I’m a grown up, some kids haven’t been lucky enough to have their Dads in their lives”. Kind of a reassurance to myself I suppose.

It wasn’t ok though. Without realising at the time I let everything swamp me. And the only way to see myself through that was to eat. Something so many of us do, eat our emotions.

Which led me to join Weightwatchers. I already knew what the scales were going to say as I had joined a gym in the January and lost a little bit myself. But I was really good at congratulating myself with a biscuit or two after a bit of exercise 🙄

I got stuck into the plan, found new ways to enjoy foods, upped the exercise and begun to start living a little. It was really addictive chipping away at the numbers on the scales. My husband and kids would wait in the car while I ran in to get weighed, guessing my loss/gains when I returned. Some weeks would be a lot slower than others. At the time the 1/2lb losses would feel such a disappointment, but they all added up. With the weight loss my confidence began to grow again. I reached my original goal of 11st 3lb in the July of 2016 and that weekend attended a Beyonce concert with my best friend. It felt so good to stand in my size 12 dress dancing along with the crowds to Queen Bey, but felt amazing not to be the ‘fat friend’ in the photos.

I continued to attend the weigh-ins, but would never stay for meetings. I used the fact I had kids as an excuse, but the real reason was I still massively lacked confidence, especially around new people. Still chipping away at scales though and really enjoying trying new foods and exercise, I definitely fell back in love with cooking again. We began to start going out more. The children were getting older, so it became easier to eat out. Instead of the usual fast-food chains, we’d try Thai or Greek foods. The children were also happy to try new things.

In September 2017 I got a surprise phone call. I had been keeping a diary of my weightloss on Instagram and the weightwatchers magazine had picked up on it. They asked if I would be happy to be featured in an issue. I’ll be honest, the thought scared the life out of me, but I heard myself agreeing over the phone. The way I looked at it was, chances like this don’t come along in real life, go with it.

That I think was my turning point. I turned up to the studios in London an absolute nervous wreck. Honestly, I was so close to crying  but I needn’t have worried, it was so much fun. Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel at ease. To be fair, they could probably tell I was a mess! With the magazine due for launch in January 2018 I then got another call, would I be interested in doing a feature for The Daily Mail?! Erm, ok then. I need to add, I’d never even been to London alone at this point and there I was a few days before Christmas on my way up for another photoshoot. Then came the releases and it all still feels a bit surreal, like it didn’t really happen. Followers started happening on Instagram and being told I was an inspiration. I used to say I’m not, but I do kind of get it now. It’s nice to see things like this happen to a very normal girl.

Then came my hair brained idea that I’d like to become a weightwatchers coach. If I could do all this online, I want to do it in real life. Enjoy celebrating the victories with members, enjoy their journeys with them. Give back something that has completely turned my life around. I went along for an interview and, in my opinion, completely messed it up. Maybe not completely though, because again I let nerves get the better of me but, they could see how passionate I was. I was told that it was up to me, if I wanted to, attend a few meetings and get a feel of the coaches role. At this point I could have given up, something that I had done so many times before in life. I admit, I had a little cry about it and ate some chocolate to make myself feel better. But then I pulled myself together and got myself out there. I attended meetings, I spoke up, I helped with anything and everything. Most of all though, I listened, really took onboard everything that was going on.

Wednesday just gone, at an evening meeting I’ve been helping at I was asked what I was up to the following day, I replied work. (I forgot to mention that I also started a new job this month. Again, something that I’ve never done before and never had the confidence to do until now) Anyway, nothing like being put on the spot, but it was another of those ‘go for it moments’. I came home that night and worked so hard on my presentation, potential interview questions. I walked into that interview ‘Megan Markle’ like. All calm and collected and NAILED IT!!

So much so, that I was told there and then I was now a coach. With that I burst into tears, not so Megan like, but so did my new bosses. They could see how hard I’d worked over the past few months and the determined change in my mindset. I have learnt lately that you have one life, but two ways to live it. You can either sit back and wait for things to happen, or you can go out with determination and make them happen.

So with butterflies in my tummy I’m ready to embrace the next part of my journey ❤


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  1. Brilliant, and the meetings I attend when you are there are brilliant, you are an inspiration. My mum died of liver failure about 10 years ago, it was horrendous to watch. Keep going you will nail it.

  2. Loved reading about this. Also think we could have been at the same Beyoncé tour 😝 you have done fabulous. I started to follow you on insta after reading your story on the mag. That’s when I thought it could be possible. You only lived up the road. If you can do it so can i. I’ve seen you develop been at the meetings from your first one to wednesdays one. No more red patches or nervousness. You just take it as it comes asking questions supporting etc.
    The best thing to do is put all them negatives into positives you have done amazingly. Your dad would be so proud xxx

  3. I’m SO proud of you! (In my head you’re now singing “This is me” ) ~ this next part of your journey is going to be incredible. I just hope you still have time to share your thoughts here, and on your Instagram , so we can see your progress. You are awesome and such a great inspiration x x x

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