Grab yourself a cuppa while I introduce myself…..

My Journey / Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Hey, I’m Vicky.

I seem spend my days running around trying to look like I’m in control of my life! I like to drink wine, eat chocolate and laugh as much as possible, even if it’s just at myself. I make mistakes all the time, but shrug them off and move on.

I am not qualified in any nutrition advice nor am I a personal trainer. I am quite simply a 38 year old Mum of two, who has lost just over 4 stone and actually managed to keep it off. And now try to fit in a bit of exercise and healthy eating while enjoying life.

I’ve never been one to put myself ‘out there’ until very recently. You don’t really want to put yourself out there when you weigh 14 stone and feel like a frump. In January this year I was featured in a magazine, national newspaper and featured a fair bit on social media. All of a sudden I became this inspiration! I have never ever ever seen myself as an inspiration. I’m just going with the flow.

I’ve been asked so much lately about exercise, diet tips, how to stay motivated and apparently I seem to be able to help people. So, that is how this has come about. I am going to chatter on here about fitness and food, I never use the word diet. Its a depressing word. It’s on par with the word Jail as far as I’m concerned. It just sounds boring.

Anyway, you get the idea what this is all about.x


P.S. I am known to ramble on!

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