Fakeaway Burger & Fries

Dinner ideas / Friday, April 27th, 2018

I hear it all the time “can you eat that? Thought you were on a diet?”


I have chosen to eat and feed my family  healthier foods. It’s not a diet or a quick fix it’s forever.  So yes, burger and fries are definitely on the menu in our house.

Again, simple to do (I really don’t do difficult) 😁



1lb lean Steak Mince

1 sweet potato

2 medium sized potatoes

Low fat cheese  (I used weightwatchers grated cheddar)

1tbsp cajun seasoning

1tbsp Worcester sauce

Yellow pepper  (diced)

2 spring onions

Rolls & slaw to serve


How to make:

Slice potato and sweet potato and place in baking tray.

Spray with fry light shake cajun seasoning and bake on ovem for approx 25 mins on 180°c

Simply divide mince into patties (I made 2 large and 4 small) and dry fry in a pan to seal. Finish in the oven until cooked through.

When potatoes are browned throw the cheese, Worcestershire sauce, peppers and chopped spring onions on top and pop under grill.


Serve and enjoy


(As serving shown approx 12sp if following weightwatchers.    Approx 630 kcal)

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